Acoustic Piano

(Steinway & Sons  Hamburg Grand D (Concert Grand Piano


Fender Twin Reverb - Silverface 212 Combo
Fender  Hot Rod Deluxe USA
halilit + Marshall Cabinet 412A


Ampeg SVTII Head
Yamaha SR215B Cabinet


Ludwig 22" bass Drum 1967  x  1
Ludwig 13" Tom 1967  x  1
Ludwig 16" Floor Tom 1967  x  1
Yamaha 22" Bass Drum Stage Custom Birch  x  2
Yamaha 10" Tom Birch Stage Custom  x  2
Yamaha 12" Tom Birch Stage Custom  x  2
Yamaha 16" Floor Tom Birch Stage Custom  x  2
Yamaha Heavy Duty Drum Hardware
Snare Drum Stand  x  2
Hi Hat Stand  x  2
Dual Tom Holder  x  2
Cymble Stand With Boom  x  4
BD Pedal  x  1


Hammond B3
Leslie 147
Fender Rhods Suitcase 73 With Built-In Tremolo
Kurzweil PC3
Motif 6
Behringer U-Control UMX-610 Midi Keyboard
All Items Require Reservation*